Some enterprise history and
scripophily papers in English

The content of our PÖRSSITIETO website ( is about scripophily and business history at company level. The vast site is mainly in the Finnish language, but there are also several articles in English intended for readers abroad. The purpose of this link page is to present those articles.


Scripophily in Finland
Scripophily is the collection and study of old share certificates. Our article is a thorough overview of the hobby in this country. The page's right hand column contains the same text in German. At the bottom of that page is a description (with links) of several of the site's most interesting Finnish language articles.
Samma artikel i svensk översättning.

The share catalogue
The highly detailed catalogue of all known Finnish share/stock certificates in the hands of collectors can be read free on our net. It is collector maintained and comprises almost 3000 different companies.

Borgå Ångfartygs Ab
A Finnish steamship company that some 100 years ago issued its own postage stamps. This article describes all the stamps in great detail as well as presents the company and its share certificates.

Järnvägs Ab Fredrikshamn
One of the private railway companies. It once issued two postage stamps. This is a story about the stamps, the company and the share certificate.

All joint-stock companies
founded in Finland 1762 to 1912. Although in Finnish, these huge tabular lists are easy to use with the help of the explanations in English.

Historical index of names
A quick Who's Who of past directors and members of management boards of the Finnish quoted companies.

Economic history articles
The full index of the Finnish language papers on our web.

The collectors' society (external site)
The website of the Finnish Share Certificate Collectors Society includes an English language page about the Society's activities.


Foreign share certificates (i.e. non-Finnish)
An illustrated description by country or region of typical certificate designs. There are also several presentations of individual companies. Intended for domestic readers and thus in Finnish.

Mines de Balia-Karaïdin
This Turkish lead mining enterprise closed long ago, but its decorative and popular share certificates from different issues can be obtained without difficulty today.

Mines d'Or de Kilo-Moto
An important and well-known gold mining company in Belgian Congo. The share certificates are very common, but the now nationalised company's history is quite interesting.

Banque Industrielle de Chine
The defunct French bank operated in China until 1922, but was unsuccessfull. Fortunately, for this reason, its gloriously handsome share certificates are now inexpensive.

La España Industrial
A big cotton manufacturer from Barcelona (plant closed in 1969). The strange thing is that a lot of its vintage 1854 certificates seem to be readily available on the collectors' market.

Companhia de Moçambique
The Mozambique Company is well-known by philatelists for its many and colourful stamps. Here you can read about the history of this famous company and view its share certificate. There are also share images and a few words about the The British South Africa Co. and the Companhia do Nyassa, both of which issued stamps.

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